#vanlife vs van life

Great piece in the New York Times about RTR, Bob Wells, and other folks living out of their vehicles. Part of me thinks: “Oh no, it’s reached the NYT, now too many people will know about it and that will ruin things…” but I also know what it’s meant to me to have so much info about vehicle living out there as an option. What’s the benefit in withholding information from others?

I especially appreciated Green’s differentiation here:

This is a community that has no relation to the social media phenomenon known collectively as #vanlife, for the Instagrammable adventures of attractive young white couples in their atmospheric vintage VW vans, doing yoga, surfing and accruing sponsorship from the makers of hipster products.

I hope for this site to also be more about what the article (and Bob in it) gets at vs the kind of branded lifestyle version of “vanlife.”

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