overthinking, overbuying, overstressing

For about the last year, I have spent so much time and a fair amount of money dreaming and planning for what I might do some day in terms of living out of my vehicle at least part-time.

I found a good 2011 minivan and bought that, seeing as I needed a car anyway and a minivan seemed the most flexible option (and most re-sellable if this whole thing doesn’t pan out).

I bought: uh, a lot of stuff. Cots, sleeping pads, a tent, two stoves and their respective fuels, Luci lights, miscellaneous LED lanterns and lights, bungee cords (so many bungee cords!) batteries, pillows, a cooler, a tarp and tarp poles (I actually love this tarp set and though I am NOT good at this type of thing, even I can set it up in various configurations with trees and/or poles), a poop bucket, cat litter, liner bags, a small power inverter, sleeping bag, camp chair, camp table…I mean, I just kept getting “one more thing.”

I’ve read books, watched so. many. hours. of videos, lurked in forums, followed people on Instagram, planned, plotted, daydreamed.

Annnnnd I’ve camped about twice.

Bob Wells calls this “analysis paralysis” – an apt term. At some point I know I just need to get out there on a real trip, that until I stop dreaming and start doing, I won’t actually know what I need and don’t need. And let’s say I go out there and I’m missing something. It’s highly unlikely I will die or suffer any other dire consequence. It’s not like I’m trying to Chris McCandless this thing and reach peak self-sufficiency. Even if I do it all KOA-style, that would be a huge step forward from doing nothing.

Here are some videos that have inspired me lately, about people who are keeping it all fairly simple and don’t seem to be overthinking:

A lady traveling out of her Jeep

This is helpful because this guy has done literally nothing in terms of “building” or really altering his minivan in any way. Keeping it totally simple, plus solar

Another super-simple minivan concept that does not involve tons of building, etc. This guy’s videos are not the most exciting, but I like seeing how he gets around without overcomplicating things

Ditto this one! (All I really want in live is an awning)

I could link to videos all day, but I need to actually get some work done in hopes I can escape one day soon…

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