Opening my mind to trailers?

I went to my second ever RV show last week. The first time was a few years back, when the idea of part-time or full-time vehicle living was new. I had no idea what I was looking at or what it all meant. This time, I went with a specific idea of what I wanted to see and walk through: class B’s, small class C’s.

But honestly, the experience was very much the same. I don’t know if it’s where I live or this particular show but it was mostly trailers! trailers! trailers! And, most of the smaller rigs had slide-outs and I’m not really interested in slide-outs. There was maybe one class B and one class C that fit into what I was wanting to check out. (Not with the intent of buying, since I have no money and probably would not buy new, anyway, but just to walk around in.)

Some of these trailers were ridic. Like:


No, that’s not a new house in a “Tuscan villa”-style suburban development, it’s a trailer. It had a master bath, and a powder room. Not really what I’m after. (About 95% of the trailers I saw had such bad design in terms of the style and finishes. It seems like interior design of most trailers peaked and stopped in the late eighties.)

I will say that before this show I was 100% NOT considering trailers in any way. The idea of towing seemed scary and complicated. But lately I’ve been watching more videos featuring trailers, and there are a lot of women out there without any particular skills or knowledge who say that towing is no problem. And there are a lot of advantages to having a detachable vehicle, whether it’s one you are towing or using to tow.

In light of that, I did fall in love with the T@b 400. I mean, day-um. It is so well designed and compact, and has two things I figured out that I really like and would prioritize: a bed that is always a bed, and a table/dinette that is always a table/dinette. After looking at a lot of stuff, and knowing my personality, I think I’d want a setup that does not require setting up. No slide-outs, no pop-ups, no converting a table into a bed or a bed into a table.

The pricetag on a 2018 T@b 400 (like 28-34k, depending) made me choke but if I ever win a bunch of money, I’m buying this. (That said, I would not turn away a model with the outdoor kitchen in back! But the ones that have that don’t have everything else I want…)


Looking at all these trailers really made me think. Next time I buy a vehicle, I would absolutely be shopping for a tow vehicle. Nothing monster, just something capable of pulling a reasonably lightweight trailer. I think my dream vehicle for that might be a Toyota Tacoma with tow package. I have a great history with Toyotas, and they are easy to sell if you change your mind about it.



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